The Ontario Physician Human Resources Data Centre (OPHRDC) is the definitive source of information on practising physicians and postgraduate medical trainees in Ontario.

Hosted by McMaster University Faculty of Health Sciences, OPHRDC was formed in early 1992 by four partners, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), the Ontario Ministry of Health (MOH), the Ontario Medical Association (OMA), and the Council of Ontario Faculties of Medicine (COFM).  Representatives of the four partners form a steering committee which governs OPHRDC’s operations.  Funding for OPHRDC is provided by the MOH.


OPHRDC collects, integrates and validates data on all Ontario physicians and medical trainees to impartially support its partners’ roles in physician human resource planning.

Since 1992, OPHRDC has maintained a number of databases that support physician human resource planning in Ontario. (See Timeline for reporting highlights).


  • The Active Physician Registry, a registry of all physicians licenced to practice in Ontario, has been used to produce an annual report, Physicians in Ontario (PIO) since 1993. PIO data are used by OPHRDC to produce many other reports and analyses of the Ontario physician workforce. The data are also used by OPHRDC partners and other organisations for physician human resource planning.


  • The Physician Hospital Appointments Listing (PHAL) compiled by OPHRDC with the collaboration of Ontario’s hospitals, is one of the sources used to validate inclusion and exclusion of physicians in the Active Physician Registry.


    • The Survey database contains the results of brief telephone interviews with Ontario physicians to confirm their status, focus and location of practice. These interviews are completed at least once a year in the case of discrepant data, for potential retirees, for newly practicing physicians, or those returning from leaves. Otherwise, physicians are surveyed routinely as often as possible (usually every 3-5 years).


  • The postgraduate medical trainee database contains data from each of the Ontario medical schools.  An annual report, Postgraduate Medical Trainees in Ontario (PMTIO) , and a variety of special reports are prepared by OPHRDC from this Registry.  OPHRDC also acts on behalf of Ontario’s medical schools to facilitate the CaRMS match and data submission to CAPER.


  • The Medical Trainee Days (MTD) data collection begain in 2014, when OPHRDC was requested by MOH and Ontario’s hospitals to assume responsibility for the concatenation and validation of data on the clinical placements of undergraduate medical students and the rotations of postgraduate medical trainees, used in part in the formula for the calculation of funding for Ontario hospitals. Here is more information about the Ontario hospital funding formula.


    Data Sharing Agreements (DSAs) exist for data used to create OPHRDC’s registries and are routinely updated to meet individual requirements. Among these are agreements with MOH, COFM, CPSO, OMA, ICES and Scott’s Medical Database (SMDB).


  • PIO and PMTIO reports are publicly available on this website. No information on individual physicians or medical trainees is ever released to the public by OPHRDC. More information is available in our privacy policy
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