Point Census vs. Full-Time Equivalent

PMTIO reports are divided into two distinct formats. Two different methods are used to detail information:


Tables in Part 1 of PMTIO reports are compiled using November 1 point census data, and include only those trainees physically present in a training program on November 1 of the given year.  Trainees on any kind of leave (e.g. maternity or parental leave, sick leave, leave of absence, etc.) on November 1 are excluded from the count.


Tables in Part 2 are assembled using data from registrations for the entire academic year (July 1 to June 30 of the given year).  Part 2 tables are referred to as Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) tables. All time spent in a training program has been recorded as the appropriate fraction of full-time equivalent training (FTE).  This is based on both actual and anticipated data, as the data gathered for the November 1 census is used to account for activity through June 30. As a result of this process, a trainee on leave from October 1 to December 31 is not counted in Part 1, but is counted as 0.75 FTE in Part 2.