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Welcome to OPHRDC

The Ontario Physician Human Resources Data Centre
is the definitive source of informationĀ on physicians in practice and postgraduateĀ medical training in Ontario.

OPHRDC is governed by four organizations, The Ontario Ministry of Health, The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, The Council of Ontario Faculties of Medicine and The Ontario Medical Association.

Physicians in Ontario (PIO)

Providing perspective on physicians in practice in Ontario such as:

  • Counts of physicians
  • Practice locations
  • Breakdown by specialty, gender and age range
  • Migrations in and out of the province

Postgraduate Medical Trainees in Ontario (PMTIO)

Details about physicians in postgraduate training. Counts of postgraduate medical trainees by:

  • School of training
  • Program and level of training
  • Gender and age range
  • Source of medical degree

Medical Trainee Days (MTD)

Documentation of the medical trainee day protocol in Ontario including:

  • Current Ministry of Health data collection standards
  • Current timelines for MTD data submissions