Physician Reports

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Physicians in Ontario (PIO) Reports

Physicians in Ontario (PIO) reports are the most comprehensive source of information on the demographics and distribution of physicians in active practice in Ontario and are derived from the Ontario Physician Registry. Physician numbers in PIO have an effective annual census date of December 31st.

The Ontario Physician Registry is recompiled annually using multiple sources of data provided by OPHRDC organizations under explicit data sharing agreements. In addition, OPHRDC conducts a dynamic physician survey and other research to validate practice location, actual specialty of practice and activity level.

Physicians who have ceased practice or left the province as of December 31 are flagged, new physicians are added, physicians who have returned to practice are reactivated, and new physician location and specialty information is integrated. Historical information on Ontario physicians is maintained to permit long-term analyses of trends in physician availability.

Annual reports of Physicians in Ontario (PIO) are published on this website. Custom reports on specific data elements and reports spanning two or more years can also be prepared upon request.