Point Census vs. Full-Time Equivalent

Until 2017, PMTIO reports were created using two different methods.  Since then, only the Point Census is routinely reported. However, both methods are explained here to provide clarity regarding historical data.


Tables in Part 1 of PMTIO reports are compiled using November 1 point census data, and include only those trainees enrolled and participating in a training program on November 1 of the report year.  Trainees on any kind of leave (e.g. maternity or parental leave, sick leave, leave of absence, etc.) on November 1 are excluded from the count.


Tables in Part 2 are assembled using data from registrations for the entire academic year (July 1 to June 30 of the given year).  Part 2 tables are referred to as Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) tables. All time spent in a training program has been recorded as the appropriate fraction of full-time equivalent training (FTE).  This is based on both actual and anticipated data, as the data gathered for the November 1 census is used to account for activity through June 30. As a result of this process, a trainee on leave from October 1 to December 31 is not counted in Part 1, but is counted as 0.75 FTE in Part 2.

Please note that as of 2017, FTE is not included as part of the PMTIO report.  If you would like to request this information, please do so using our contact form.



Tables in Part 3 include point census data for the complement of ReEntry, Repatriation and International Medical Graduate (IMG) trainees. The methodology in Part 3 is the same as for Part 1.

The ReEntry program allows limited numbers of Canadian graduates to re-enter the postgraduate system in order to further their training. Graduates from the ReEntry program provide service in underserviced areas of the province for a designated time following completion of their training.

The Repatriation program offers additional years of training for Canadian graduates who have completed their U.S. postgraduate training and require additional training to meet Canadian certification requirements.

For IMGs who meet Ontario regulatory requirements, the Touchstone Program provides access to professional practice in Ontario. Details of IMG competency evaluation can be found on the Touchstone Institute website .